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[shortcode id=”16297″] NTS Computer Science Mcqs For Computer Operator with answer Specially for Govt Jobs Test Preparation. We Have Collected Most repeated Computer Science Mcqs for PPSC FPSC CSS NTS ans OTS. They are also beneficial for Lower Division Clerk and Upper Division Clerk. Data Entery Operator || Computer Programmer and Junior Clerk Computer Mcqs Free Download and Online Preparation.

Computer Basic General Knowledge Mcqs In Urdu Explanation With Answer For NTS PPSC CSS PMS Download Free. We have collected all the Computer Top Repeated in FPSC And CSS Past Papers and we have tried to provide you the best MCQS related to Computer Science from basic to advance level with their answers.

These Computer MCQs will help you for the Preparation of Job Test, Interview, and competitive exams, etc. These Islamic Studies MCQs will help you to secure maximum marks in upcoming NTS, CSS, PMS, KPPSC, PPSC and other competitive exams of Pakistan.

Q 66 : Physical parts of the computer that we can see and touch are known as:

A : Software B : Hardware
C : Both and (B) D : Computer program
Right Answer :  Hardware  

Q 67 : LED printer uses to cause toner adhesion to the printer drum.

A : Laser beam B : An array of LEDs
C : Ink D : Impact printing method
Right Answer :  An array of LEDs  

Q 68 : In MS word 2007, which shortcut key is used to move a selected paragraph up?

Right Answer :  ALT+SHIFT+UP ARROW  

Q 69 : __ is used for criminal investigations and security system. Some computers use it for login and user authentication.

A : Barcode reader B : Computer code reader
C : Fingerprint reader D : Secret code reader
Right Answer :  Fingerprint reader  

Q 70 : Computer is an electric machine which processes into meaningful information.

A : Input B : Output
C : Both A and B D : Graphics
Right Answer :  Input  

Q 71 : A normal CD-ROM can usually store upto data.

A : 680 GB B : 680 KB
C : 680 Bytes D : 680 MB
Right Answer :  680 MB  

Q 72 : Which of the following is not an operating system?

A : Oracle B : DOS
C : Linux D : Windows
Right Answer :  Oracle  

Q 73 : To create a table of columns and rows for mathematical calculation or statistical representation, which programme is used?

A : Auto CAD B : Excel
C : Word Pad D : Word Perfect
Right Answer :  Excel  

Q 74 : Hard copy of document is:

A : Save copy B : Scanned copy
C : Print out D : Display copy
Right Answer :  Print out  

Q 75 : Internet Is:

A : Display System B : Network of Networks
C : Scanning Technology D : Search Engine
Right Answer :  Network of Networks  

Q 76 : __ is done to protect data and passwords.

A : Verification B : Authentication
C : Encryption D : Authorization
Right Answer :  Encryption  

Q 77 : WWW stands for

A : Wrestling & Wildlife Web B : World Wrestling Web
C : World Wildlife Web D : World wide web
Right Answer :  World wide web  

Q 78 : Small files that are deposited on user’s hard drive when they visit a website are best described as:

A : Trackers B : Cookies
C : Profiles D : Codes
Right Answer :  Cookies  

Q 79 : The browsers keep a list of web pages you have visited in the current session.

A : Trail B : Cache
C : Favorites D : History
Right Answer :  History  

Q 80 : A certificate Is a notice that guarantees a user or a website Is legitimate.

A : Digital B : Protected
C : Secure D : Assigned
Right Answer :  Digital  

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