Home CSH_MCQS Ghazwa Mota took place in _____.

Ghazwa Mota took place in _____.

Ghazwa Mota took place in _____.

A : Madina
B : Hijaz
C : Makkah
D : Taif

Right Answer : Hijaz



Ghazwa Mota took place in _____.

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Ghazwa Mota took place in _____.

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  7. quran
  8. namaz
  9. Tauheed
  10. Shirk
  11. Life of Hazrat Muhammad
  12. The Pillars Of islam
  13. Islamic jurisprudence
  14. Hajj
  15. jahad
  16. The Battles of islam
  17. Islam and science
  18. Angles
  19. Prophethood
  20. kalimahs
  21. Holy Quran
  22. Zakat
  23. Petty Muslim Kingdom
  24. Meaning of islam
  25. The Ahadith
  26. Companions of Prophet
  27. Distinctions of sahaba
  28. wives of the Holy Prophet

Ghazwa Mota took place in _____. = Hijaz

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Ghazwa Mota took place in _____.

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