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Non Verbal Intelligence Test Practice

Non Verbal Intelligence Test Practice

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Non Verbal Intelligence Test Practice and IQ test can be Simple, Pattern, Analogies, Series, Classification, Butler Pirie and Abstract Reasoning etc.
It is Specially For Pakistan Air Force, Pak Army and equally important for Pak Navy With Answer Solution. Moreover it Covers All Types of Non Verbal Intelligence Test For ARMED FORCES. You can Prepare Both Personality Test and initial test For Pak Navy. Download Best Book For IQ and Intelligence Test Preparation.

Types of Non-Verbal PAF ARMY NAVY Tests

Non Verbal Intelligence Mcqs are Equally beneficial For pak army, issb, amc, paf, afns, navy and similarly equally important for Different posts like Assistant, Foreman, Assistant Foreman, Stenotypist, Charge Hand, Assistant Store Keeper, Medical Assistant, Librarian, Laboratory, Physical Training Instructor, Male Nurse, Mid Wife, Patwari, Technician, Driver, Cook.

There are Basically Following important types of non verbal intelligence Test

Other Types of Non Verbal Reasoning Test :

  1. Simple (is to)
  2. Pattern
  3. Analogy Reasoning
  4. Abstract Reasoning
  5. Butler Pirie and Series
  6. More……

Establish a set of rules from the sequence of inputs and outcomes in a diagram, and apply those rules to the new sequence where information is not available. You can attempt any Quiz with Different Marks.

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View All Non Vebral Mcqs Test

You can Chose and Attempt All Quiz of Different marks. For example, there are ten Simple Non Verbal Quiz of 5 Marks. you can attempt All ten quiz one by one and single quiz have 5 Marks and similarly other Online tests have. You can attempt again and again as you want.

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All 5 Marks Simple Non Verbal Quiz

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What Kinds of Non-Verbal intelligence Tests Are Often Taken?

The types of questions you can get in the anonymity test include:

Finding something missing by making a conceptual pattern on a matrix style drawing

Look at the shapes or patterns and understand the following

3D viewing or working with images / screen indicators

Working cube nets or any other shape that will look like folded

In fact Some employers use paper tests, while others prefer online forms.

Often there are more questions than most people can complete in a given time; the tests are about checking a person’s accuracy and speed.

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